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In 2006, I completed what was my first awkward yoga practice to a celebrity yoga video on my living room floor. From that moment forward, I understood something that had eluded me while I was running competitively, doing weight training and being on strict diets.


It was subtle for the first couple of years. Looking back, I remember those years as being the years when I started to develop a healthier relationship with my body as well as with myself as a whole person.


I quickly became curious and passionate about the glimpses of stillness that I had felt. Yoga has been one of many teachers in my life that teaches me to pay attention to the many messages from my body.


In 2014, I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training and I have since taught at a number of in-person studios. I have also written for multiple online and in-print publications on the philosophy of yoga.


While I am not currently teaching the physical practice in a studio, I maintain my current registration with Yoga Alliance.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities for private, virtual yoga sessions and other classes as well. 

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