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Writing and Speaking

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Growing up in a small midwestern town, writing became a passion of mine at a very young age.


I have now written over 250 articles that have been published on topics such as conscious relationships, gratitude, mindfulness, yoga, parenting, creativity and leadership.

I am proud to say that my words have served as a vessel for my voice to reach millions of people worldwide.


I will always be a writer at heart and look forward to any opportunity to work with this form of creativity.


Reach out via my Contact page in regards to partnership opportunities and writing collaborations.

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My speaking is an extension of my writing. This evolved after I began freelance writing in 2014. Since then, I have been a guest on numerous podcasts on topics such as anxiety, conscious relationships and identity.


I love to speak on any other topics that I discuss on my health coaching page, in my writing section and am willing to explore any other areas as well.


Contact me to discuss further, I would love to discuss partnering with you to speak on your podcast, to your business or group.

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